Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two steps step back!!!

Good morning to everyone...

Did you ever think you were finally at the end of a project and then find out -----you made a mistake  :)
Bet you have never done that... but I sure have....ha ha...

I am working on my Bears Paw quilt and I told myself that I had to have everything cut and ready to sew together before I could even look at another project!  Yesterday I thought I was there...but...NOT...

Needed 25 of these - complete!!!
Needed 9 of these = complete!

Needed 24 of these 9 patch blocks - complete - NOT

Notice the blocks - 5 dark and 4 lights....I had already sewn two rows of the quilt together and they looked so good.  But when I made the remaining 22 blocks guess what I did????
Yup....I did 4 dark and 5 lights!!!!!!
If I was a true "free spirit" I would have said OK... I will leave them this way, but it isn't in me to do that so.....

My new best friend and I got busy ...:) rip, rip, rip!!!

Now as usual, I try to see what I may have learned with the exercise....its just my way of justifying me making a mistake but this time I liked what I learned....
I recently read that seam rippers get dull over time and just like our rotary blades...rippers need to be changed as well. Since I was ripping such small pieces I thought I should use another ripper. I looked around and all I could find was a seam ripper I bought ....who knows when or where.... but it was all I had so I used it...LOVE IT!!!!!!
It's sharp and has 4 replacement blades....I have a few friends that use their rotary cutters as seam rippers but this is basically the same process but you have good control with it! I could never feel comfortable using my rotary cutter :) I got them apart in no time!

So I am now heading back to my sewing room and take that one step forward again...I will get to the end of prepping today and then just maybe I will look at another project!!!!

Have a super day and...

Remember - SMILE always...

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  1. Ripping builds our patience! LOL
    But I still don't like it. LOL