Saturday, March 16, 2013

Please celebrate...

Yes, today is National Quilting Day....share the joy with all your fellow quilters out there...

My hats off to all of you this this fine Saturday morning :)

I have been so busy this week trying to get a few projects ready for quilting. So many projects in the "almost" stage is overwhelming for me.....doing my best. 

Just recently Jo Morton came out with a wonderful selections of blues...It motivated me to dig out a project from last year and get it put in the "complete" pile!

I believe I shared a bit of it last year but then it just sat there.

 I only had 8 blocks done when I pulled it out, so as you can see I have been busy. I also decided to change from the pattern I originally started.  I really like what I came up with...hope I feel that way once it is complete....

Getting closer....will share the completed top this week.  I have one final border to add.

I think I really like the end product.  I have also planned a great back.  Backs are something I enjoy doing.  Piecing backs is a joy, and for me it's a way to tell a story about the front.  At least with bits and pieces....It may not make any sense to anyone else but I know what it is saying.... :)

and for a final share....

This was from my bedroom window Thursday morning....I love seeing this first thing in the morning!

So....remember to celebrate today and then enjoy your week-end!

Remember - SMILE always....

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