Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day to all my Blog friends!

What a great way to start a day....beautiful flowers from a great friend, a Mimosa with my honey and looking forward to Skyping with our Munchkins!!
Hope each mommy out there has a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One down....

56 more to go :)

My days have been so busy with home "things", work and prepping for classes that I just haven't done something just for me in a while.  Unless you count visiting Pinterest! Time does get away from me                                                                 with that fun thing...
So today I decided to start a project that I can work on when I have a little spare time.  Just something  I really liked and I was sure I wanted to see it completed.
This little quilt does just that for me!

I fell in love with this Jo Morton quilt back in February and I knew I had to make it!
The blocks are 4 1/2"  and yes, there are 57 of them.

I wanted to make at least one square and one setting triangle to be sure it was what I wanted to do.
SUCCESS -- blocks are just perfect and a little wiggle room included to cut down to exact size. 
By the way - I need 28 setting triangles :)
I purchases the sashing fabric as soon as I saw the quilt.  I won't do all Jo Morton fabric but several from my stash. Scrappy is my way - so only time will tell what my end selection will be!

This was my goal today - get started with one square and one triangle.  I am now going to get ready for my class tomorrow, cook dinner, bake and hopefully be back to do a little cutting later....

Hope you have done something "just for you" today as well :)

See you soon...
Remember - SMILE always....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I couldn't resist!

Happy Sunday....

As I posted yesterday, we had so many great new antiques at the Country Loft I just couldn't decide what was to me "mine".  It was like being in a candy store :)
I do not have a primitive style home, I guess you could say rather traditional but I do love adding fun things that I love. Seeing all the goodies today I went from one thing I "needed" to another during my 8 hours.
Well, my husband had dropped me off yesterday and when he arrived to pick me up he agreed - this was the item we needed to bring home!!!
Well, here it is...a beautiful "sawhorse" from long ago :)

We love it and it fits just perfectly in our living room.  Not sure what will ultimately be displayed on it but for now - this works. Maybe it will stay just like it is :)

Better get busy sewing...lots to do  I work Monday and teach Wednesday so time is limited for sewing early this week.

By the way - HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO to everyone!!!!

Have a great week and enjoy your Sunday!

Remember - SMILE always....

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a fun morning!

We haves full day of events here at the Country Loft! We have "Little Women" in the morning, a wool mat class in the afternoon and.......
A shed full of antiques! Take a look!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Learning, teaching and enjoying life!

A bit of this and a bit of that for you :)

As I have mentioned before, I teach and work at the Country Loft.  Our new schedule was presented last week at an Open House. It is always fun to see the projects.  I have a few to teach but now I have several I want to take!!!  A true quilter for sure :)
Cheri Payne is a great teacher of Primitive quilts and her pattern designs are fun and whimsical.  We decided to have a monthly class presenting one of her patterns for those that wanted to do a small project and for those that wanted to be creative and put a different spin on the design. Cheri was happy to hear about our idea and gave us her full support!  I have selected the first two for May and June....

This is for May, the pattern is called "March"
The original pattern is done with machine applique using cotton fabric.  I selected wool for my applique,  partly because we have such a great wool selection a the Loft.

For June I have selected the pattern "A Basketful"
The wool is not stitched down yet (scheduled for today) and then I quilt it!

I have a few other classes to teach but will share those later...

As I said - in my heading - "Learning" and yes I wanted to perfect my applique with small pieces so I could be pleased with what I do (perfection you know).  I use the freezer paper method but have always struggled with small pieces, points etc.A great friend agreed to give me a personal lesson.....thank you Julie  HOWEVER....the day was cut short.  I had never used a Clover applique iron and Julie suggested I give it a try....
The iron....
my two fingers...
Nothing more to say but a lesson was learned...DO NOT place fingers on iron rod for extra pressure :)
All healed but with a  new fingerprint!

Enjoying life....
Emma our little munchkin turned 1 on the 25th, she started walking a week or so earlier and she is on her way....destination - wherever she wants to go!
Cooper (her brother) is not so sure of the walking now that she is after him....:)

I do hope you have a wonderful week-end doing what brings you joy....

Until next time...
Remember - SMILE always....