Sunday, May 5, 2013

I couldn't resist!

Happy Sunday....

As I posted yesterday, we had so many great new antiques at the Country Loft I just couldn't decide what was to me "mine".  It was like being in a candy store :)
I do not have a primitive style home, I guess you could say rather traditional but I do love adding fun things that I love. Seeing all the goodies today I went from one thing I "needed" to another during my 8 hours.
Well, my husband had dropped me off yesterday and when he arrived to pick me up he agreed - this was the item we needed to bring home!!!
Well, here it is...a beautiful "sawhorse" from long ago :)

We love it and it fits just perfectly in our living room.  Not sure what will ultimately be displayed on it but for now - this works. Maybe it will stay just like it is :)

Better get busy sewing...lots to do  I work Monday and teach Wednesday so time is limited for sewing early this week.

By the way - HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO to everyone!!!!

Have a great week and enjoy your Sunday!

Remember - SMILE always....

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  1. What a fun piece! Oh my , how can you 'ever' go home empty handed from The Loft? lOL