Friday, October 18, 2013

One of my favorite things :)

Happy Friday....

I am determined to post this today!  I don't want you thinking I got lost again ha-ha....
I have been trying to upload pictures to my Picassa account - all I will say is has not been pleasant, not productive and not successful I am using my phone to get a picture on this blog!!!!

Most days I love technology and then others...I hate technology....ever feel like this!!!
Now to my "share" for the day!

Pardon the lousy picture!

These are the best little tools.  They allow you to press open a seam so smooth and so flat. It also allows you to press a seam to one side but I haven't done that yet! I really wanted it for opening seams.  I don't do Jo Morton quilts but the gals that do just think this little tool is a must!!

It's a great new addition to my tool bucket and not expensive at all :)

So back to my sewing machine for a while and then a great week-end planned with the little munchkins!  Well, Sunday - I work tomorrow!  Have a great week-end!!!!

Remember SMILE always....

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