Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some days are just fun.....

Maybe fall is almost here....

We have had a few cooler days here in San Diego and it has been nice!  When I say cool - I mean under 80 degrees :)  It does give you the feeling we are about to enter a cooler period here...I just love this time of year!!!

This past week-end we had the munchkins (with mommy and daddy) over for waffles and strawberries and then we all left for the Pumpkin Patch.

We went to one close by and a bit smaller than many but it was just perfect!!!!!
Little Emma did her best to pick her own pumpkin - so heavy!!

Now Cooper had fun with all the extra things to do!

It was such a fun little day thing to do.....The best part they both took home a pumpkin to carve with dad!

I said in the beginning that we have had a few fall like days but we have also had a few foggy mornings.  One  morning I looked out and saw this beautiful site.  We live" high upon the hill" and this is what it looked like from our window.  The valley was just beautiful!
I took so many pictures but this one shows the valley!

I'm really on a roll getting things done that I need for Christmas...My idea book is filling up with my new projects to hit after the first of the year.  Will share a few of them later.  
For today - I have a lunch date with Emma while her brother and mommy have lunch with mommy's brother!!!  I think a good day for all!!!

Hope you are all getting your projects done! The time is flying away :)

Until later....
Remember - SMILE always...

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