Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An old love...

I am falling in love with hand quilting again and loving it!  I taught a class a few weeks ago and it was such fun.
I have many older quilts I made (long before corporate America got in the way) and they are all hand quilted. Maybe it was a slower time in my life but I think I just enjoyed the old process of quilting. I love seeing all the new fancy quilt designs and I so admire those that do such beautiful work, but there is something about the needle, thimble, hoop and your quilt that I find so peaceful.

I have been following a few blogs where hand quilting is done and I love what I see.  I was really impressed with a comment I saw....It said "your quilting is like your handwriting".  This is so true.....
I have great memories of some specific handwriting's maybe I am doing the same with my quilting.
This is a piece I am working on now. I used a stencil and some freehand.

For this project I am quilting with Valdani  #12.  I love using this along with chenille #24 needles, a thin marking pen from clover and my best quilting tool ever - my thimble from years and years ago....
This project is "big stitch" and it goes so fast! I have also used variegated thread.
I love, love, love stitching....I will share a few more thoughts and projects again some time.
Le me know if you are a hand quilter - I would love to hear from you!!
Enjoy your week and stay warm if you are in all that cold weather I see on the news :)
Remember - SMILE always....

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