Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some days are just fun.....

Maybe fall is almost here....

We have had a few cooler days here in San Diego and it has been nice!  When I say cool - I mean under 80 degrees :)  It does give you the feeling we are about to enter a cooler period here...I just love this time of year!!!

This past week-end we had the munchkins (with mommy and daddy) over for waffles and strawberries and then we all left for the Pumpkin Patch.

We went to one close by and a bit smaller than many but it was just perfect!!!!!
Little Emma did her best to pick her own pumpkin - so heavy!!

Now Cooper had fun with all the extra things to do!

It was such a fun little day thing to do.....The best part they both took home a pumpkin to carve with dad!

I said in the beginning that we have had a few fall like days but we have also had a few foggy mornings.  One  morning I looked out and saw this beautiful site.  We live" high upon the hill" and this is what it looked like from our window.  The valley was just beautiful!
I took so many pictures but this one shows the valley!

I'm really on a roll getting things done that I need for Christmas...My idea book is filling up with my new projects to hit after the first of the year.  Will share a few of them later.  
For today - I have a lunch date with Emma while her brother and mommy have lunch with mommy's brother!!!  I think a good day for all!!!

Hope you are all getting your projects done! The time is flying away :)

Until later....
Remember - SMILE always...

Friday, October 18, 2013

One of my favorite things :)

Happy Friday....

I am determined to post this today!  I don't want you thinking I got lost again ha-ha....
I have been trying to upload pictures to my Picassa account - all I will say is has not been pleasant, not productive and not successful I am using my phone to get a picture on this blog!!!!

Most days I love technology and then others...I hate technology....ever feel like this!!!
Now to my "share" for the day!

Pardon the lousy picture!

These are the best little tools.  They allow you to press open a seam so smooth and so flat. It also allows you to press a seam to one side but I haven't done that yet! I really wanted it for opening seams.  I don't do Jo Morton quilts but the gals that do just think this little tool is a must!!

It's a great new addition to my tool bucket and not expensive at all :)

So back to my sewing machine for a while and then a great week-end planned with the little munchkins!  Well, Sunday - I work tomorrow!  Have a great week-end!!!!

Remember SMILE always....

Friday, October 11, 2013

Little things....

Happy Friday, I'm back again!

This past week on our first rainy evening in San Diego in many months I spent my time finishing the binding on a quilt I made long ago...I blogged about it quite some time ago but don't remember when :)

It was a quilt I made many years ago and never finished.  It sat in a basket for such a long time and then last year I decided to pull it out and asked my friend Colleen at  Quilting Under The Sun to quilt it for me.  Not only is she a great Longarm quilter she is a great friend!!!!

It is a HUGE quilt.  One of those that we continue to make blocks for because we have a huge Cal King bed :) but never realizing the final size or the cost of quilting it would be astronomical  but I forged ahead and finished it

Well, since I finally finished the binding and it was raining, I immediately put it on our bed!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!'

It is truly a "scrap quilt".  I used what I had and it is so much fun to look at it and remember the fabrics and time in my life....ever do that????

But the great thrill....the quilting Colleen did....
  1. This is what made a simple quilt a great quilt!!!!
Look at a close up of her "signature" pattern.  It took a simple quilt to another level.  Even my husband loved it!!!

I am not a lover of fancy quilting on my simple quilts.  This however really brought it to life...even my husband acknowledged it this morning!!!!  "It is really cool"...thank you Colleen - you did an awesome job!!!!!  That's why I love you!!!!!well....not just your quilting skills :)

We are having a few cool days here in San Diego for early fall so off to bed to enjoy another night under my wonderful quilt!!

Remember - SMILE always....

Be back soon :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back in July....

WOW... this summer has just vanished for me. 

My last post was when my daughter and her family were in the process of moving to San Diego from Seattle...I cant believe all that has happened and how time has just flown by!

We have had move in settling to do, the yearly "all" family visit, camping trips, birthdays, a little work,  a trip to Wisconsin to see our sons new home and just so many days that just went by so fast....I wouldn't give up any of the great events but truly my blog has been the short stick in the past several months!

But...I am back..... and today was the first full day of sewing I have done in a long time.  It was such a joy to be focused and setting goals to get things done. Oh how I love my quilting!!!!

Let me share a bit of the summer with you!

We invited the entire gang to join us and during a long week-end camping trip!
The ducks at Cuyamaca Lake were a big hit...we just love having the little munchkins close!
Each summer when the gang all comes home we take a family shot. As you can see very informal but we love having them!
One of our favorite summer things to do....UNPLUG and go camping!
Yup, tent camping....:)
A few projects.
The green and red "Weathervane" on the right is a pattern from 101 Small Quilts...I am teaching one each month.  This one is finished and I teach the class this Thursday.  The other project I found tucked away....all cut and ready to sew :)
So...I think it's time to get serious and stay focused on quilting, my blog and getting ready for all the exciting things that will happen the last few months of 20013!!!
So much to share but for tonight.... I just want to say I'm glad to be back and I hope you will stay tuned....
SMILE always...