Thursday, January 30, 2014

Barn #1....

How exciting....

I am doing Kathy Cardiff's Barn BOM....and I have my 1st block set and ready to stitch!  This will be so much fun to do!

Barn #1

I am so missing my "Steam-A-Seam2"  :(...
I like to fuse my pieces when I work with wool and my favorite product is gone.... I did use "Shades Softfuse"  but just not the same :(  Any suggestions out there??

Off to get back to stitching.....

Remember - SMILE always....

P.S - gave my hug this morning!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

"Get it Done" - a success!!!

Today was our first group meeting for "Get it Done"...we had such a good time and I am convinced now more than ever.... that working on "old & older" projects is a "Good thing"....

This is just an overview of all the good things that were happening!
 Some UFO's needed to have the pattern reviewed to get started!
 Lots of discussion on what projects were selected.
A little work on a "little Women's" project :)

 A block of the week from 2013....yes I said week!!!
 A fun 16 patch from about 2 years the soft colors of this one!

A Christmas block exchange from many years ago....cute huh?
and the winner for the oldest UFO for today...
A Cheri Payne pattern from before 1997....:)
I am so pleased that everyone is looking forward to getting projects's truly a good feeling to see the energy....
We don't have just quilt projects but stitchery and wool projects are being completed as of those later.
We will meet again next month and we will see how many entries get put in the prize jar for FINISHES......
It was a good day for all.....
Remember - SMILE always and yes...give that hug :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm not alone....

Remember last week I mentioned I was starting a Get it Done group at the Country Loft  for those with UFO's?
Well........I had great interest during our Open House on Saturday.....and we start this week!  It is so nice to know I have company :)
Not only do we all have many projects to complete but we have many spent dollars in these projects!
So...we will get started this Friday and I will keep you posted on our progress :)

Here is a shot of my presentation for UFO' nicely wrapped but the others left in my sewing room are certainly not this organized :)

Not the best shot but the good one is turned sideways :)
I have never done a BOM before.  I talk myself out of it because I feel my love of a project will be short lived!!!
Not this time....
This is a design by Kathy Cardiff , The Cottage at Cardiff Farms, here in the San Diego area.  It is just lovely and each of the 9 barn blocks will be different!
I must remind myself to not put ten pounds in a five pound sack. it never works :)
Have a great day and give that hug! Will be back after Fridays first Get it Done event :)
Remember - SMILE always...


Thursday, January 16, 2014

First UFO of 2014

So exciting - I am just about ready to take my first UFO off my list this year!

The first to go is the most exciting for me....I started a quilt for our little Coopers "big boy" bed a few months ago.  I got the blocks completed, the alternating squares cut and then - I just left it aside because of Christmas....It always happens - we set it aside for a little while and then it gets lost :)

NOT THIS TIME....I wanted him to have it before winter is over here in San Diego (however the last two days have been 90 degrees here) and I just need to piece the backing and get it to my wonderful quilter....this one is special and it makes me soooooo happy to get it done for him :) He is a such a joy!

His mom wanted it simple so I did the same as I did for my bed....

  This so simple but fun to make....his mom is not into stars and things like that so this is just perfect for him.
Here are the 4 fabrics and I using for the back. I am making a huge 4 patch design.
I love piecing backs - they really are fun to think about :)
These are not the best pictures and I am committed to take pictures of "finishes"  outside in natural light this year!!!
So far I have held back from starting something new....I mentioned I am starting a "GET IT DONE" group at the Loft later this month and I figured I should practice what I will be preaching!!!
Another beautiful day here so I will get out and enjoy it.  even if it is errands :)
Have a great day and give that hug to someone special!!!
Remember - SMILE always....

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Can I do it??? we are one week into January and I want to finish all my projects from 2013 quickly so I can start something new....sound familiar??

Yes, I have a list....
  1. put borders on a my Bear's Paw
  2. sew blocks together for Cooper's 4 patch ---blocks are complete
  3. make my Lizzie Jane  quilt a table topper because I have decided I don't want to make any more blocks but I don't want to leave it in a bag forever...good idea don't you think  :)
  4. Finish  a very small house quilt from 101 Small Quilts
  5. Complete my hand quilting on a quilt that I have been working on for a while.
and SMORES quilt by Jo Morton

 These are 4 inch square in a square blocks cut and ready to sew....
So far....
                       44  more to make
This is fun to do and I have committed to get them all done before I move on :)
I am starting a monthly group "Get It Done" at the Country Loft. We will meet monthly and hopefully we will all have several finishes by Nov.  I will keep you posted here on our progress!!!
Off to get ready -- we are taking a great friend to lunch...she is moving away from San Diego and trust me - she will be missed :(
Find something to SMILE about today and while you are at it - give someone a hug today goes to Cooper - our little love!!!
Have a great day!
Remember - SMILE always....


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another year is here.....

Happy New Year to all...

I'm not one to make a bunch of "resolutions" for a new year but I do try to commit to making it a better year and create a better balance....some things I do better..... and some I don't.... but the focus on striving to do better is always with me....

Life is to enjoy I hope to do just that!!! I have a full plate.... a wonderful family, terrific friends and so many things to be thankful for!!!! Let 2014 get under way!!!!!!!!

I did get a wonderful Christmas gift.... my honey and I decided it was time....

I am sooooooo excited to have it! I really haven't had much time to play with it  but trust me :) was a breeze sewing two bindings on two Christmas quilt gifts. 

So look forward to playing with it in the coming weeks :)

Sharing Christmas with two of our grandchildren, living here in San Diego now, was a was fun to see the joy and share in the excitement. There we so many great moments but this one is special...a brother and sister enjoying the "new ride" :) Cooper did a great job taking care his sister Emma :)

I hope the new year is something you look forward to with great hopes.. .let's make it a good one!!!!!!

Be back very soon

Remember, SMILE always....