Thursday, January 16, 2014

First UFO of 2014

So exciting - I am just about ready to take my first UFO off my list this year!

The first to go is the most exciting for me....I started a quilt for our little Coopers "big boy" bed a few months ago.  I got the blocks completed, the alternating squares cut and then - I just left it aside because of Christmas....It always happens - we set it aside for a little while and then it gets lost :)

NOT THIS TIME....I wanted him to have it before winter is over here in San Diego (however the last two days have been 90 degrees here) and I just need to piece the backing and get it to my wonderful quilter....this one is special and it makes me soooooo happy to get it done for him :) He is a such a joy!

His mom wanted it simple so I did the same as I did for my bed....

  This so simple but fun to make....his mom is not into stars and things like that so this is just perfect for him.
Here are the 4 fabrics and I using for the back. I am making a huge 4 patch design.
I love piecing backs - they really are fun to think about :)
These are not the best pictures and I am committed to take pictures of "finishes"  outside in natural light this year!!!
So far I have held back from starting something new....I mentioned I am starting a "GET IT DONE" group at the Loft later this month and I figured I should practice what I will be preaching!!!
Another beautiful day here so I will get out and enjoy it.  even if it is errands :)
Have a great day and give that hug to someone special!!!
Remember - SMILE always....

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