Friday, January 24, 2014

"Get it Done" - a success!!!

Today was our first group meeting for "Get it Done"...we had such a good time and I am convinced now more than ever.... that working on "old & older" projects is a "Good thing"....

This is just an overview of all the good things that were happening!
 Some UFO's needed to have the pattern reviewed to get started!
 Lots of discussion on what projects were selected.
A little work on a "little Women's" project :)

 A block of the week from 2013....yes I said week!!!
 A fun 16 patch from about 2 years the soft colors of this one!

A Christmas block exchange from many years ago....cute huh?
and the winner for the oldest UFO for today...
A Cheri Payne pattern from before 1997....:)
I am so pleased that everyone is looking forward to getting projects's truly a good feeling to see the energy....
We don't have just quilt projects but stitchery and wool projects are being completed as of those later.
We will meet again next month and we will see how many entries get put in the prize jar for FINISHES......
It was a good day for all.....
Remember - SMILE always and yes...give that hug :)