Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm not alone....

Remember last week I mentioned I was starting a Get it Done group at the Country Loft  for those with UFO's?
Well........I had great interest during our Open House on Saturday.....and we start this week!  It is so nice to know I have company :)
Not only do we all have many projects to complete but we have many spent dollars in these projects!
So...we will get started this Friday and I will keep you posted on our progress :)

Here is a shot of my presentation for UFO'S.....so nicely wrapped but the others left in my sewing room are certainly not this organized :)

Not the best shot but the good one is turned sideways :)
I have never done a BOM before.  I talk myself out of it because I feel my love of a project will be short lived!!!
Not this time....
This is a design by Kathy Cardiff , The Cottage at Cardiff Farms, here in the San Diego area.  It is just lovely and each of the 9 barn blocks will be different!
I must remind myself to not put ten pounds in a five pound sack. it never works :)
Have a great day and give that hug! Will be back after Fridays first Get it Done event :)
Remember - SMILE always...



  1. Jayne, I feel your enthusiasm and I love it!!! Do you think you can inspire me too? I just may have a few UFO in my sewing room.
    Hugs, Susy