Thursday, March 13, 2014

Love them all....

Happy Thursday everyone!

I was looking at fabric I brought back from Phoenix and so pleased with my choices....

This is "Judie's Authentic Miniatures"....
Will be using these for flying geese in a quilt from Primitive Quilts and Projects most current issue... They make me happy!!!

This is "Jefferson County" by Jeanne Horton....just love this and I even have yardage coming soon!!!!

Didn't get these in Phoenix but they are in my backyard and they look so Springy  :)

Have a great week-end and enjoy whatever you do!  That's what week-ends are for....

Remember - SMILES always and give that hug!!!!


  1. You found some gorgeous fabrics! I purchsed some Jefferson County when Jeanne first listed it on her site... soooo pretty! I'm still searching for the perfect pattern to use it with though... :-)

  2. Wrap grandkids in a quilt if you have to i need pictures Bev

  3. Lemmons in your backyard. Wow!