Sunday, March 23, 2014


We have more fun each month!!

Great girls, great projects and great discussions! We welcomed 3 new members this month -  welcome Suzanne, Pam and Suzy....thanks for joining :)

The one common thread each time we meet is the joy of seeing everyone focusing on "old" projects that they need/want  to complete. Everyone has the same goal - take another out of the box and put in on the "finished" list!!! This has truly has brought a feeling of accomplishment!!!  Carolyn even told us she was planning her list for next year.....oh my she is way ahead of me :)

Look at all the different projects being worked on!!!!!

This truly is an inspiration for everyone...the support is amazing and the girls all have words of encouragement for each other!!! I love this time each month!!!!

Congratulations Cindy, Carolyn, and Colleen...three great finishes :) 

.I love what I do, and I so enjoy our monthly get you have a group like this?  If so, please share your success stories....

Have a great week everyone!  Do what you enjoy or at least enjoy what you do.....:)

Remember SMILE always...share a hug!!!


  1. Though I don't have a group to gather with... I have been using this year to "get it done"... lots of projects in my stash are finally being brought to daylight AND the finish line! Yes, it's a wonderful feeling! :-)

    1. I understand the feeling - the thrill of finishing can be just as great as the start :)