Thursday, April 3, 2014

So exciting.....

I must say it is such a joy to open a package when you have no idea what's in it :)  So much fun!!!!!!

This is what happened to me....I was a winner in a drawing done by Sharon on her blog called  Moosecraft. I love her blog and once you take a peek you will too :)

So my husband brought in three packages the other day and said "wow, you have been busy!!!!  but as I looked at the packages I noticed one was from Sharon...

Here is what Sharon sent me....
Sharon made this "oh so cute" pinkeep and sent along a wonderful note book as an extra!!!!!!
She made them for her winners!!!!!

I was so pleased and so enjoyed getting this bit of sunshine.  Aren't  they just so cute :)  Thank you Sharon....greatly appreciated!!!! and I will enjoy them both :)

A cool but sunny day here today, hope yours is sunny as well!!

Remember - SMILE always and share that hug!!!!


  1. Hi Jayne! So glad you are enjoying the gift! I'm looking forward to seeing more posts of your beautiful quilts!