Thursday, April 24, 2014

Such joy....

I hope everyone found much to smile about this past week-end.....big things or little it doesn't is joy!!!!

Our little bit of "joy and sunshine"

Cooper and Emma.... They make us smile always....

I have two rather large projects that currently take most of my sewing time, both are gifts that I am getting a very big head start on.  Proud of myself because I am staying focused.  

But I never stop thinking of what's next :)

This is my next project...."Ladies Album" by Barbara it!!!!
I even have a pattern :)
For sits looking pretty and patiently waiting for me to give the go-ahead!  Not yet!!!!

We had a great "Get it Done" class last week...Shame on me I forgot my camera but the gals will bring the "finishes" in again next month for pictures...
These girls really are my motivators.  It's really fun to have discussions on staying focused and the determination to finish does make a difference...Thanks girls - you are what is keeping me on track :) 

Do have a great day and a fun week-end....

Remember - SMILE always and always hug someone :)


  1. It was a great weekend on the east coast for egg hunts and outdoors celebrating too! Looks like the kids were having a lot of fun!
    Ladies Album is one of those perfect fabric lines... I've been admiring it for some time now, though haven't caved in to buying... yet! ;-)