Thursday, May 8, 2014

A little bit of wool...

It's been a while since I have done anything with wool and it sure was fun!

I am redoing my guest room.  I removed a queen size bed and replaced it with two metal beds.  They were the initial change and you know the story from there.  One thing leads to another and so on....

Between the beds I have a very old bench that I got from the Country Loft, the shop has some great finds :) trust me.....and this will fit perfectly on the bench!

All set to stitch into place....

This is a pattern from Maggie Bonanomi's book "Another Place and Time" is done with soft neutrals....

A fun side project from all the piecing I have been doing...

Hope you have a sunny day...and "give or get" a hug :)

Remember SMILE always.....


  1. Ahhh... Maggie B is one of my favorites! And, you did a fine job of stitching this piece! I started reading the Country Loft blog and let me tell you I'd LOVE to be able to visit that shop! All those antique goodies....oooooooh! :-) Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Sharon....I really did enjoy my little detour. I also love the me, working there cost me money...:) My husband laughs when I call it my job!
      I have collected a few wonderful pieces that I just love!!!
      Have a great week-end!!!!

  2. Jayne, It's wonderful!! You should do more wool.
    Hugs, Susy

    1. Thanks was fun!!!!

  3. I love this Jayne. Working with wool is high on my list