Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Busy, busy, busy....

I do hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th., mine was busy but most enjoyable..

We have hit the mid year point and I have two large quilts to get done before Christmas.  How thrilling to tell you one is ready to be put together and the 2nd has 1/3 of the blocks made.....
What's that expression - "biting off more than you can chew"...yup that's me!

All 56 ready to put together...

They  have all been trimmed and ready to go!
They were a little off so I trimmed them down to 12 and a 1/4...hope they go together well!!!!  I try so hard to be accurate but then sometimes :) :) :)

My goal when I started this project was to do nothing else until they were didn't but it's OK. Sometimes you just have to change the scenery ...haha

So, with that said...
 A fun little quilt that will be just fine for next year if I don't get it done. The red triangles will be pinwheels when it's complete.

I'll be back later with a few beautiful "finishes" from our "Get It Done" group....they have been working very hard!!!!

Have a fun week and enjoy.  I do hope you have not been caught in the horrible weather!

Remember - SMILE always and yup, a hug for a friend would be nice :)


  1. Hi Jayne! Those bocks are gorgeous! Love the fabrics!

  2. Yeesh... I meant BLOCKS, not bocks.... you'd think I was a chicken, right? lol!

  3. You spoiled my Christmas surprise. Now i know you are making me a quilt.