Thursday, July 31, 2014


Where does all our time seems like it was months ago that that I confirmed that  the "gang" would be here in August.  It's week and I am just getting into gear  :)
It's a week-end (four days) each summer that all three kids, better halves and munchkins arrive for a 4 day marathon!!!!
Love it so much but I better get in gear and have myself ready for the event!!

I found a box of "leftover" 1/2 square triangles a few weeks ago.  They were the "throw aways" from a Kim Diehl quilt I did last year.  I decided to see if I could use them in some way and not just let them sit!

After searching my "stash" I found this great  fabric by Blackbird Designs for Moda that will work just fine as alternating blocks. A few things to finish first but this will be a fun little quilt to made - a quick finish I hope!!!

I am loving dots :)...I have red ones, blue ones, tan ones, brown ones and I bet a few  others I didn't even notice in the pile!

Have a great week-end and do something fun!!!  I will clean for all of us over the week-end!!

Remember - SMILE always and yes give that hug!!!  I gave mine to my honey this afternoon just because :)


  1. Have a wonderful 4-day gathering!!! Love those leftovers... Kim Diehl is another favorite designer of mine too... I do have the Simple Whatnots coming to my doorstep every month... though I am behind on that one! lol! ;-)