Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A little play time...

Yes, I am busy getting ready for "family fun" this week but this afternoon I took an hour (for sanity time) and played with something new....just one hour!!!!

I thought this would be such  a big challenge - NOT!  Loved it!
Watch my 1 hour project!
 Made a 9 patch block with 6" blocks - forgot the first picture :)
Used the ruler for my first curved cut....so easy....

Cut my second cut from 4" x 10" pieces...simple as can be...
So easy to sew - notice no pins!!!
 My first curve done in no time :)
 All 4 curves attached - notice not accurate at all - :) doesn't matter!

All squared up and ready to go - Yippee...however this is just a sample block :(.

Now you may be wondering why I have been so vague...I am not the teacher but this is where I learned...
The tutorials are fantastic for this ruler and the ruler - is so easy to use!!!!
My pattern is "Metro Lattice" - from Sew Kind of Wonderful...

I am using the pattern like Thelma is doing from Cupcakes n Daisies. Take a peek!

I must get back to what I need to do but I had to share this.  I worried so that it would be difficult - a waste of worry :) quick and tons of fun...so now I can put it on my list of things I want to do and enjoy the anticipation!

See you next week- I have tons of hugs to give this week - hope you share a few too :)

Remember - SMILE always...


  1. Looks like fun! I love pinwheels... and to add the curves makes the mix all that more interesting! Going to check out those links now...

  2. You need to teach this class at The Country Loft. I'll take it.