Thursday, September 11, 2014

I finished!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Well,  I have finished BOTH quilts that are for Christmas and both are at the quilters - YIPPIE!!!!!!

I can't show pictures now but trust me - I will let you see them after the holidays!  Now, just binding to put on and sew down.
I've promised, promised, promised myself that I will not dawdle and get both completed as soon as I get them back!!

In the meantime I have been busy. Two weeks ago I worked at the San Diego Quilt Show....What a great experience.  My job was to check in all the vendors that arrived at the convention center dock.  It was really a fun experience.  It is amazing all the work that goes into a show.  Hats off to the the gals that put this show together and thank you Catherine for asking me to help!.  No,  I didn't take pictures :( but I did see some beautiful quilts!

Most of you know I work PT at the Country Loft.  We are doing a BOM next year (starting in Jan) that is from Timeless Traditions - by Norma Whaley.  I picked up the quilt from Norma at the Quilt Show and it is now on display at the Loft. It is just beautiful....the pattern is called "How Does Your Garden Grow"

I took the liberty to take a few pictures before I turned it in :)  take a peek at this!

 It is just so warm looking and just so inspiring!
I took another shot outside :)

Such a beautiful combination of fabrics and the wool applique is wonderful.  It really makes you smile when you look at all the delightful block designs. Norma does beautiful work and not only that - she is as sweet as can be!

I am starting a small project (in comparison to the Xmas quilts) and I cant wait to get started!

Once I finish a big project I clean my machine, replace the needle, fill bobbins and get ready to start again!!!

I work for a few days so the break will be good....back at it Sunday...or Monday morning!!

Hope you had a good day today - I did and I shared my hug with my friend at breakfast :) did you  share yours?

Remember - SMILE always...


  1. How exciting to be working at the quilt show! Yes... a lot of work involved with the shows...I enjoyed watching a video (time lapsed photography) of a show set-up. Amazing process! I absolutely love this How Does Your Garden Grow quilt! Looking forward to the big reveal of your Christmas quilts! Have a great weekend!