Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Heading to Houston

Hi Everyone,

I am heading to Houston tomorrow to assist Kathy Cardiff for the International Quilt Market.  I have worked with her at another show a while back in Kansas City.  I truly look forward to this event!

Set up on Friday, show Saturday, Sunday and home Tuesday.....

We will not be staying for Quilt Festival...This is the show that is open to the public after the Vendors market.I understand it is amazing but we are heading home. I will be ready :)

Not much sewing being done here...but once I return - I'm on it!!!!

Thought this was adorable....

I saw this pillow on Norma Whaley's blog and thought it was great.  I love the colors - a soft approach to fall!!! I believe it  was on a post she did from the Quilters Attic.
Loved it!!!

Well, back to packing and then a Quilt Guild meeting tonight!

Enjoy whatever you are doing but most of all SMILE and give a hug :)

Remember SMILE always....


  1. I am in the mood to make a scarecrow design of some kind. I have a couple patterns in my stash.

  2. Have a great time!!!! Will miss seeing you Saturday! XO