Saturday, December 6, 2014

Beautiful day....

It has been a beautiful day here in San Diego....sunny, not hot and such a blue sky....these days are treasures.

We started the day by taking our Bichon's, Elwood and Palmer, to the groomer. Elwood hates car trips and Palmer would go cross country in a heart beat :).  They will be very happy to return home clean and groomed....:)

We then went to visit a friend who was doing a show at "Summers Past Farms" here in San Diego...
Her name Is Sandra and she has a fabulous blog. Take a minute and check it out!
Under The Sun With Me...She is so talented and so artistic...I love what she does.  I can play with fabric but when it comes to gardens - not my thing at all  :)  so I just enjoy what she does....

Here is her adorable

I know its not the best picture - but I had to share :)

I didn't take home a plant but I did take how this adorable angel....she is very happy sitting in my tree.  Thank you Sandra...I love her!

It's such fun to enjoy a beautiful Saturday...hope you had as much fun as we did :)

I shared many hugs was a great feeling - hope you have shared a few yourself!

Remember SMILE always....


  1. Ahhh beautiful sunshine! I used to garden a lot.... then I discovered quilting! lol! ;-) Love that little garden angel ornament! :-)

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