Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I love this day, but not for the reason many may think!  We don't go out and celebrate but instead cook something together for an "at home" quiet celebration...and then to bed early :)

This is a great time for me to look at all the good and beauty this past year has given...great times with family, new friends to share this new year with, health for all of us, joy with our munchkins and all the great days that had nothing special but a beautiful day for sure!

A few of my SMILES.....

Making quilts for two of my kids - just love and joy!!

Fabric selection for projects that never even got started  :)

Our annual summer family picture when we are all together...

Asking Papa to watch the kids while I paid at Old Navy....can you find Ryder, Cooper and Emma?

and most of all - quiet times....

I wish you the best for all the great moments you will have this coming sure to enjoy it all :)

Remember - SMILE always....


  1. Don't you love ribbon!?!?!?! Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!

  2. lol! Great pic of the kids! :-) Wishing you lots of peace and happiness in the new year!

  3. Good pics. I forgot to get the shaking new year snowman out from 1999. Remember him.