Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two shares....

Happy Thursday...Christmas is almost here.....

I have such great memories of this from my childhood.  My dad just loved it and it was a "must have" in our home during the Christmas season....

Ribbon Candy....I never see it but this past week it appeared at a local store.
They had a very big box of all flavors but this size was just enough to make me SMILE and go back in time for a great memory!

The next "share" is not something from the past but something new that I am now going to do  with all quilt finishes starting in January.  I follow Norma Whaley from Timeless Traditions.  I love everything she does but her labels are fantastic!!
I put a label on my quilts (well most of them) but this is so much more personal.  I can just see this being read years later and I bet the reader will SMILE...
Hope you don't mind if I take your idea Norma :)  So many fun things to do with your labels.  

Today my husband plays Santa at Rady Children's Hospital.  It's such a great event!  It is certainly a time to count our blessings....maybe I will get a good picture to share...:)

Hope you have a great day and you are ready for the elements where you live.  Rain here for sure.

Remember - SMILE always and please be sure to share a hug!!!


  1. Mmmmm.... ribbon candy! :-) Looking forward to seeing pics of the Santa event!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much...I love it too but it truly is a label done by Norma Whaley from Timeless Traditions....I am using this idea on everything going forward :)