Saturday, February 22, 2014

We had a great time!


To all the gals that came to "Get it Done" for our 2nd month - hats off to ya!!!!!

I am just amazed at all the progress this great group made.  So much energy and such production....wait until I show you the picture of the "finishes" for the month!!

Friday was our second meeting and I must say - the list of UFO's continues to grow but the energy to get it done is also growing :).....

Look at all the shots from the day :)

Binding being put on - such a good feeling :)

A finish for exciting!!!

Look at the "finishes" for the month!!!  There must be 6 or 7....These are eligible for the Grand Prize!!!!!

Overall, it was another fun day!!!
Time to leave but we will return in March for more successes!!!!!

This is a great group of gals really putting the energy forward to get things completed....You may not be in San Diego but you can sure join us and get yours "DONE"....let us know what you are doing!!

These gals bring laughter, fun and a great drive to achieve...not much better than this!!!!

Our best wishes to Karen - she has had a bit of a set back and our thoughts and well wishes are with her - we miss you Karen :)

Hope you have a group that encourages you to "Get it Done" it truly is a good thing :)

Remember SMILE always....

P.S. - don't forget that hug - mine goes to Karen...

Friday, February 21, 2014


Update on the "Get it Done Gang" this week-end!

A great day and tons of fun!!!!!  Thanks girls :) a fun time for sure.....

jayne - SMILE....

Friday, February 14, 2014

Share it today....

Today is the day to share that hug....

Have a very special day.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First UFO completed....

It is a good feeling to get things completed that have been just staring at me :)

In our "GET IT DONE" group I have challenged the girls to come back in February with at least one project completed!!!  I really think I should "do as I say" ....don't you agree?

So here is my first.....

When I set out to finish this I had just 3 little 4" houses done! It is only a 16" block from the book 101 Small Quilts....
Not sure what I will do with it but I do know I will hand quilt it and the binding is ready to go on!!!
Just like I love to make a list so I can cross things of... ha ha...I think I will enjoy putting completed UFO's n a pile!
So GET IT DONE girls are you on track to bring a "finish to class later this month????
Now, I can go get a few errands done and then come back and find my next project to work on....I might just take the afternoon to start something new :)
I am off to the AQS Quilt Show in Phoenix later this week with a few friends....I cant wait!!!!
Have a super day and be sure to share you hug :)
Remember - SMILE always....