Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun week-end with Pam Buda....

Well...it was a huge success!

Pam is just a delight and such a talented lady!!!  She gave a lecture on Friday evening and then a class on Saturday and Sunday.  Unfortunately I couldn't take the classes because we had to keep the Loft open  :).  Trust me...I enjoyed watching all the progress in the classes and the energy that you could feel from all the gals in the class....

Pam giving her lecture Friday evening....

We hung about 30 quilts from Pam's "Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Club"
We have this club at the Country Loft but you can learn about it from Pam's store
This was such a beautiful and inspirational display!!!!!!

We had Pam's quilts in every nook and cranny in the Loft.

Friday night - a great selection of goodies for snacking!!! Thanks Leigh for all your help!!!

Hoped you enjoyed some of the great moments of our Pam Buda week-end!!!

Beautiful day to do a little sewing and hugging!!!  Have a good one :)

Remember - SMILE always....

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