Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Progress...a good thing!

I've had a few extra hours this week.....so I made the best of the time....

My Christmas wool project has been on a bed just waiting to be pressed down for stitching.  I have had a block as to how I would get it done so I just moved onto something else!
WELL...about 3am I woke up and said "the island"....not sure why I made this such a challenge but thoughts while sleeping can be so helpful.....

I took it down to the kitchen, iron and pressing cloth in tow. I placed a tablecloth on the island and got to work!!!
The island has been such a helper when cutting but this was perfect!

All pressed down and ready to stitch....

Now to decide what thread to use for stitching....Valdani #12 or Genziana wool thread?????

This has been a fun project and I look forward to the stitching!!!

So....a good week - progress on may things, I will fill you in later.....

Have a great week - SMILE and hug someone that needs it to help get past this crazy winter!!!  Thinking of all of you in the cold....burr!!

Remember - SMILE always....


  1. Love your Christmas project. What fusible do you use??

  2. Hi Paulette - I use Soft Fuse, I love it :) They say no steam but I use steam and it has never failed me. It's light and easy to stitch through....

  3. Beautiful piece! Sometimes, you must gather your thoughts when they happen! ;-) And yes... mine usually happen just as I'm ready to fall asleep...

  4. Love the design. It is hard to lay out pieces on a large background and get everything in to place for stitching.