Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just to let you know......



My daughter made this this past week-end just to test it out because it looked so outrageous! It was!!!!!   Oh my goodness - I ate 3 bites from my husbands serving and I was so satisfied... I just had to share....The only thing she would have done differently is crumble the Oreo's instead of leaving them whole :) To save calories she didn't used over stuffed Oreo's as called for :) joking!!!!

I know, I know - not at all healthy and those that know me well are probably laughing that I ate it :)

If you are ever in the mood to indulge guests or family or just because - try this!!!

and....don't forget the ice cream and hot fudge sauce (heated)....makes it perfect :)

Have a great day and I do hope you are all having warmer weather - :)

Remember - SMILE always and I share my hug with all of you today!