Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Should be fun...

Good morning,  I hope all of you had a beautiful Easter - we sure did!!!

A few months ago I got a new and exciting addition to my quilting world,  I had no room for a longarm but I really wanted to try free motion quilting. I wanted the ability to do small pieces myself.  I tried to say I didn't need it but desire won!!!!!  I have a great husband and he went with me and cheered me on )  Lucky to have him....

My Sweet Sixteen - trust me - it was a very tough learning curve.  There were days I wondered what I would do if I never "got it"...I had to work on my "muscle memory"...but guess what I  mastered it and I lover it!!!  

So, I need small pieces to quilt and practice on so I am starting a collection of small quilts that I have wanted to do for some time. Now I can make them and quilt them myself.  I good place to practice :)

A few I have selected to make....small, easy and quick....
 This on is from the current Quilt Mania - Sawtooth Nine Patch
 This is from the book Lizzie's Legacy - Selling Butter
Lori Smith's - Quaint Little Quilts #3

I have my APQ 4 patch project far enough along to entertain a new project.  I also have another small project far enough along that I'm not feeling guilty :)

However - this will slow be down getting started  :) 
Yup - the mandolin won Easter morning - please...always use the guard!!!!!...... two weeks in this thing in hopes my finger and nail will grow back....:(

Hope you are sewing and enjoying spring wherever you are....I love this time of year!!!

Remember SMILE always and please give an extra hug today :)