Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A finish....

Remember my squares from last week???

Certainly not a favorite but a finish!!!!

I have been purging our house to get ready for wood flooring to be put down - what a project!!! Everything must be moved so why not do a good job of letting go of what you think you need and only keeping what you really need!!!! Well maybe a few things I just cant part with!!

My sewing room was my project from yesterday - oh my gosh!!!!!  I'm sure that all I let go will never be missed 1 ha ha ha.............
Today I am all tidy and loving the freedom from all I had that I never needed....  no picture....

I will be back soon...until then more rooms to tackle :)

Remember - SMILE always  and share your hugs...  its the best feeling!


  1. I love this quilt...simple and elegant with clean lines! Perfect!

  2. I love this quilt...simple and elegant with clean lines! Perfect!

  3. This little quilt is so pretty! Nice and soft coloring. And yes, isn't it funny how the things we thought we needed are actually the things that weigh us down? :-)

  4. Jayne, Your quilt is wonderful! Unusual too, I like that. Your quilts are so loveable... because they are filled with your love.
    About that sewing room... Now, we see the real thing. I feel so much better!
    Love ya girl! Susy

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