Thursday, May 7, 2015

Share day....

I thought I would share what I have been up to these past few weeks... besides having a sleepover with our Munchkins, having  a "girls day" with my little Emma and getting ready to do a major remodel in our home....:)

Completed and quilted by my dear friend Colleen...Love this vintage look...binding is ready to be put on and then a good wash to make it even softer and older looking....
Another 'mini' completed - still need to quilt this one!
my APQ 4-patch project.  Just 6 rows left to sew together and then the sections put together...this will be completed early next week. and off to Colleen :)..this quilt has about 408 4 patch blocks and about the same number of solid squares...all are 2.5 inches....
Took my "Smores" by Jo Morton off the shelf.  I'm ready to get this one finished!!!
Last but best of all - Cooper flipped his first pancake when we made breakfast Sunday morning after our sleepover - these are the best times!!!

Please let me wish all moms and grandmoms the best ever Mothers Day.... enjoy the day with those you love and let them love you!!!

Remember - SMILE always and yup!!! give tons of hugs....


  1. Gorgeous quilts! Gotts love kids when they are learning (and having success) at new things! :-)

  2. giving you a smile and a big hug! loved seeing what you had to share today!


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