Thursday, June 25, 2015

Can I make it?

Happy June - 

Yes, it has been a while....

For all of you that have done a remodel in your home - you might have a big SMILE for me and be quick to tell me - "this too shall pass"

Our project started three weeks ago and came to an immediate halt!  All justified.... The delay started about 2 hours into the initial project and by then the bathroom floor had been removed and we had moved as much as possible from the bedrooms...utter chaos so I thought :) 

I set up a sewing space in the kitchen and got these 5, plus 2 more squares completed.  This is the TQC summer project....4" blocks....I was enjoying a new sewing spot and really thinking all would go well....
A week later we started again...

This is the picture I saw for the next 5 days - all floors are being replaced with hard wood - even the stairs. All carpet has left the building!  Kitchen is getting new counter tops and I am now wondering what did we do!!!!
So.... feeling a little overwhelmed I got a new planner.  This is a July to June edition.

Love, love it!!!
This one is all about setting actions for the week, planning projects and getting things accomplished!
With all the changes (wonderful changes) I want to be sure that I get back on track and get things accomplished! I feel so much better when I have a plan....
I do love being organized....

So...not sure when I will be back but it wont be long....I will be busy gathering the tons of dust around here :)

Until next time -

Remember - SMILE always and please share many hugs to those that need a little sunshine...


  1. Yes... remodeling is always a larger project than originally anticipated,,, especially the kitchen! But, all worth it (so very much) when it's said and done! :-) We have 2 rooms in our house with carpeting and how I would LOVE to rip it out and have all hardwood floors... looking forward to seeing the results of your remodel!

  2. We are 90% complete with our remodel job... I don't think I'll ever get rid of all the sawdust and sheet rock dust from the house....Oh but the kitchen cabinets are sooooo worth it.

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